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The Voice Trusted the World Over.

I create affordable voiceovers for creative people, just like you.

Currently in over 60 countries!

YouTube Creators - Twitch Channels - Podcasters - Online Radio Stations - DJ's - Animators - Game Developers - E-Learning - Political Campaigns - Facebook & Social Media Ads - Terrestrial TV & Radio Stations - Voicemail - Presentations - Film Production Studios

Easy, cost-effective voiceovers.

Not everyone who needs a high quality voiceover can afford one, and voiceover pricing can be very complicated sometimes.

That's why I use easy to understand pricing structure.

Here's the prices:

  • Studio Read (Base Price) - Non-Licensed audio By Word Count: $20 per 150 words. (Calculated in blocks, so, for instance, 160 words would be $40)
  • Studio Read (Base Price) - Non-Licensed audio By Time: $20 per 60 seconds (or single 15s or 30s). (Audio must be timed to standard broadcast block.)
  • Worldwide Commercial Buyout/Rebroadcast license. 2x whatever the read costs to do.
    • A Buyout license means it's yours forever.
    • You can use it commercially and rebroadcast it without having to worry about copyright issues.
    • You can use it on future projects as well.

If you have any question, just contact me. I don't bite, I promise. 😇


  1. A fully written and well edited script in a document format. (txt, doc, docx, odf, pdf, google docs, etc...)
  2. Be logged into a Google Account.
I use Google Services. If you are not logged into your Google account, do it first. After you pay your chosen amount, you will be directed to the upload form to upload your script and project details.

When you are ready to order, click the "Pay Now" button. Enter the amount you wish to pay and complete the checkout. You will then be redirected to the script upload form.

Really loved your voiceover? Tips are very much appreciated!