Can I really pick any price?

Yes. (within reason) Obviously, I'm not going to read an audiobook for $5. If you regularly order voiceovers, you know what going rates are. But if your a student who needs something for a project and it's a choice between voiceover and eating, I'm not going to steal your mac-and-cheese, dude. Of course. outrageous demands will not be met and will be refunded.

Who owns the rights? Can I use it commercially?

All rights to the recording are transferred to you. (This is called a "license buyout" in industry jargon.)

You can use the recording commercially, and in any broadcast medium in perpetuity. (That's forever)

What Days do you work and what are your hours?

The studio is open Monday-Friday, although I can work weekends for emergency job, for an additional fee.

As far as Hours, it's all over the place. I just depends on my workload. Sometimes I work days, sometimes I work nights, sometimes both.